Local Government Parish web sites starting with A for all countries covered by the index

numbercounciltypelink mapcountry map
1Ab Kettleby Parish CouncilEngland
2Abbas And Templecombe Parish CouncilEngland
3Abberton And Langenhoe Parish CouncilEngland
4Abbess Beauchamp And Berners Roding Parish CouncilEngland
5Abbeydore And Bacton Group Parish CouncilEngland
6Abbots Bickington Parish MeetingEngland
7Abbots Bromley Parish CouncilEngland
8Abbots Langley Parish CouncilEngland
9Abbots Leigh Parish CouncilEngland
10Abbots Ripton Parish CouncilEngland
12Abbotsham Parish CouncilEngland
14Abbotsley Parish CouncilEngland
15Abbotts AnnEngland
16Abdon And Heath Parish CouncilEngland
17Abinger Parish Counciluk
18Abinger Parish CouncilEngland
19Abington Pigotts ParishEngland
20Abney And Abney Grange With Highlow And Offerton Parish MeetingEngland
21Above Derwent Parish CouncilEngland
22Abthorpe Parish CouncilEngland
23Acaster Malbis Parish CouncilEngland
24Acklam Parish MeetingEngland
25Acklington Parish CouncilEngland
26Acle Parish CouncilEngland
27Acol Parish CouncilEngland
28Acomb Parish CouncilEngland
29Aconbury Parish MeetingEngland
30Acrise Parish MeetingEngland
31Acton Beauchamp Group (acton Beauchamp Evesbatch Stanford Bishop) Parish CouncilEngland
32Acton Bridge Parish CouncilEngland
33Acton Burnell Frodesley Pitchford Ruckley And Langley Parish CouncilEngland
34Acton Edleston & Henhull Parish CounciEngland
35Acton Scott Parish MeetingEngland
36Acton TrussellEngland
37Adbaston Parish CouncilEngland
38Adderbury Parish CouncilEngland
39Adderley Parish CouncilEngland
40Adderstone With Lucker Parish CouncilEngland
42Addington Parish CouncilEngland
43Addington Parish CouncilEngland
44Adisham Parish CouncilEngland
45Adlestrop Parish MeetingEngland
46Adlington Parish CouncilEngland
47Adstock Parish CouncilEngland
48Adstone Parish MeetingEngland
49Advent Parish MeetingEngland
50Adwell Parish MeetingEngland

Parish type council web sites starting with A for all countries covered by the index

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