Local Government web sites starting with V for Belgium

numbercounciltypelink mapcountry map
1Verviers CitydistrictProvincie de LiègeBelgium
2Verviers DistrictdistrictProvincie de LiègeBelgium
3Veurne DistrictdistrictWest-VlaanderenBelgium
4Ville De LiègetownBelgiumBelgium
5Virton CitydistrictProvince de LuxembourgBelgium
6Virton DistrictdistrictProvince de LuxembourgBelgium
7Visé MunicipalitydistrictProvincie de LiègeBelgium
8Vlaams-BrabantprovinceProvincie AntwerpenBelgium

council web sites starting with V for Belgium only

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