Local Government web sites starting with L for Belgium

numbercounciltypelink mapcountry map
1La Louvière CitydistrictProvincie du HainautBelgium
2Lasne MunicipalitydistrictProvincie du Brabant wallonBelgium
3Leuven CitydistrictProvincie AntwerpenBelgium
4Leuven DistrictdistrictProvincie AntwerpenBelgium
5LiègeprovinceProvincie de LiègeBelgium
6Liège CitydistrictProvincie de LiègeBelgium
7Liège DistrictdistrictProvincie de LiègeBelgium
8LimburgprovinceProvincie LimburgBelgium
9Lommel CitydistrictProvincie LimburgBelgium
10Londerzeel MunicipalitydistrictProvincie AntwerpenBelgium
11LuxembourgprovinceProvince de LuxembourgBelgium

council web sites starting with L for Belgium only

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