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Frequently asked questions

How do I get my councilís or my schoolís web site added to the Oultwood index?

All you have to do is just visit our contact us page making sure you state the siteís url, its name and its location!

How many people access the Oultwood index?

The number of people accessing the index has steadily increased and now often reaches 25,000 a day. The average number of page hits per day is 120,000.

How is Oultwood LG index financed?

Oultwood LG index is currently run as a free non-profit making public service. To help cover the costs of running the index, individual pages can be sponsored.

How is local government organized?

This varies from country to country. The Oultwood site is gradually producing information pages for each country in the index. These information pages will give information about local government in that country. So far, the following information pages have been produced:

How many councils are there?

Lots!!! In Australia there are about 730 while in the Canadian province of Ontario there were 571 municipalities but this reduced to 455 in 2001.

In England there is a complex mix of councils. In many county shires there are three tiers: county, district and parish/town. With the inclusion of parish/town council, there are thousands of councils in England.

How many links are there on the Oultwood index?

All the links on the Oultwood site are normally checked at least every other month. The last time the links were checked there were a total of 36,031 links on the Oultwood site.

How many pages are there on the Oultwood site?

There are 525 static pages in the logal government index part of oultwood.com as well as a huge number of database generated pages.

How do I contact my council

Most council web sites contain contact details. these normally give the councilís postal address, telephone, fax and email details.

Use the Oulwood LG index to find your councilís web site. When you contact them, make sure you let them know that you found them by using the Oultwood LG index.

How do I find out which council covers the area I live in?

If you live in a country covered by the oultwood index, go to your country page on the index, then select the region you live in. Most regional maps in the Oultwood index have clickable maps. This means that if you just click on the part of the map where you live, you will go straight to your councilís web site.

What do other people think of the Oultwood index?

Have a look at the user comments page.

How can I check which colours to use on my web pages?

To find out more about the use of colour combinations, take a look at the Oultwood html colour web page icon colour chart.

How can I get my site added to the Oultwood index?

To get a site added to the Oultwood index, just visit our contact us page saying who you are, the name and url of the site plus the area and country itís in. I will then check that the site is available and suitable for inclusion.

In general, new sites are added within 24 hours although it is sometimes longer due to vacations.

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